New to Van Leasing – Poole Based Carpentry Firm

A local Poole based carpentry business was referred to us for van leasing by a large firm of Accountants based in Bournemouth.

They run two vans and have always purchased them outright. The accountant had suggested they should look to retain more money within the business and they should consider business van leasing instead.

The whole concept of van leasing was completely new to the business owner, so we met with him to go through everything in more detail and to discuss his exact van requirements both now and, given their expansion plans, also what they may need in the future. He was very surprised how cost-effective it is to lease a van and made the decision to replace both of his aging vans with new ones to be funded via van contract hire.

He also opted to include full maintenance and tyres as well as he had quite a few unexpected high bills over the past few months which had really affected cashflow. Choosing to include this means the company will have a fixed cost for the vans each month and no surprise repair bills to pay. It also has the benefit of including full breakdown cover for the duration of the contract.

If you have never leased a van before and want to understand more, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help with a no obligation review of your commercial vehicle procurement requirements. We are one of the top van leasing companies in Dorset.

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